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Dog Grooming

At Groomingdales by Sarah, we are a quality full service grooming shop. We are one of only a few shops in Illinois that include all standard services with a full service dog groom. I think the services are necessary and I enjoy all the work and your dogs.


Our standard service includes:

- Nail Clipping and filing

- Ear Cleaning

- Glands expressed

- Multiple washings

- Medicated shampoo if needed

- Hand blow dry

- Scissor finishing with groom

-  Potty walks all day


Our highly trained groomer has decades of knowledge and experience. In fact, I continue to take continuing education classes and workshops so I am always up-to-date with the latest products, processes and trends.

I can do classic standard breed clips or something cute and/or practical  depending on the condition of the coat or  whatever suits your taste and family needs.  Often I choose to try very hard Not to shave the dog down. I try to save the coat and the cuteness.  This takes more time and skill and patience but I do like this work.  

Because I choose to offer the highest quality of services, we may need more time to professionally and compassionately complete the full grooms.  All dogs are taken outside for comfort breaks through out the day. Comfortable waiting crates with towels are available for every dog.  Most dogs are allowed to play in the shop while waiting for the next step. Of course if the parents and dogs are comfortable with that.

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